Ned Hurley: Film Editor / Media Producer

Feb 27 '13

When I started working on this project, I had no idea precisely how little I  actually knew in specifics about the Civil War. My prior knowledge can basically be summed up as follows: North v. South, slavery, Lincoln, Lee, Gettysburg, Gettysburg address &c.

So once I was thrust neck-deep into this specific battle, I was in awe of the wealth of history and depth of narrative that was available. The Civil War was the first nation-wide event in U.S. History to have first-person narratives paired with rich photographic imagery. We took full advantage of that while putting this together, and it was fascinating to do so.

This is the first of several ‘episodes’ we’ll be putting together on Minnesota’s involvement with the war, so I’ll have a lot more learning and discovering to do… 

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