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Apr 25 '12

Still reeling from the Keys screening at the Sonoma International Film Festival, but I’m happy to return home, where three films that I had a hand in editing were selected for the shorts programs in this year’s Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival.

Top left: Chris, directed by Ethan Holbrook, right: Little Wolf, directed by Christopher Peck and bottom: The Well, directed by Christopher Jopp. A trio of Chris.

Ethan’s film played last Monday to a very warm reception and Messrs. Peck and Jopp’s films will be screening tomorrow night at the St. Anthony Main theatre.

I am tremendously excited to see these movies on the big screen and was really privileged to work on all three of them. 

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Nov 14 '11

My buddy and erstwhile roommate Christopher Jopp is nearing completion on his first non-student short film, The Well. 

During shooting, Chris appointed yours truly as the documentarian of the process, resulting in this piece which I shot and edited. (My voice also crops up in it once and awhile.)

It was really fantastic fun to make and brought me right back to my days of filming Behind The Scenes docs of my high school theatre productions. 

So if anybody needs/wants some BTS action, you now know who to call.

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